Executive Multi-skilled Management Assistants

We do the tasks you don’t have time to do.

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Let Emma help you

We work with busy professionals in fast-growing businesses to ensure that they’re able to focus on the things they really need to. From diary and travel management through to event management, creative design and marketing support, EMMA’s experienced and multi-skilled management assistants can help support you.

Imagine how much more productive you could be?


EMMA’s experienced assistants ask questions, lots of them, upfront.


So that when you ask EMMA to do something, we have the understanding of you and your needs and know that whilst you’ve asked for one thing, there may be more we can do to make that one thing easier.

EMMA’s assistants are:


Used to working closely with senior figures in demanding roles, we’re great time and budget managers.


UK based and able to travel. EMMA assistants will meet with you in person to ensure we fully understand you and your needs.


Capable of working autonomously and seeking solutions, allowing you to use your time productively.


From creating & distributing sales packs through to managing your Google G: drive, EMMA assistants’ skillsets are diverse.

Solution seekers

Constantly one step ahead. We can help standardise working processes, assist with document management or support ISO 9001 implementation.


EMMA assistants know the importance of hitting deadlines, and ensuring details are correct, meaning that you can focus on other things.

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