About EMMA

EMMA stands for Executive Multi-skilled Management Assistants and was created because its founder, Sharon Preston, found herself doing so much more than just freelance Executive Assistant (EA) work.

With experience of both EA as well as marketing, project management and process development work, Sharon found herself trusted with a much broader remit than the average EA role provided. She knew that there had to be more EAs with broader skill sets, as well as clients who would want to use them, and so decided to set up EMMA.

There are lots of EA and virtual EA options to choose from that are either cottage industries or that use freelancers or franchise models. EMMA was established to meet a need that Sharon’s freelance clients expressed – they wanted the security, quality and re-assurance of experienced, multi-skilled, UK-based assistants. They also wanted the comfort of knowing they were fully employed directly by a company with the appropriate systems and processes in place to safeguard their interests and guarantee service levels.

Our Ethos

Firstly, and most importantly, we aim to consistently over-achieve against our clients’ expectations. With executive multi-skilled management assistants who are able to really get to know our clients #virtualispersonal our value comes from the ‘have you considered?’, or ‘what if we do it this way’ approach. EMMA will always seek to understand and propose the best way of doing something – always with the aim of making our clients’ lives easier and more productive.

And to ensure that our team are always forward-thinking and one step ahead we need to employ the best and keep them. We do this though teamwork, a flexible environment and opportunity for progression.

How We Work

  • Quality control – we periodically quality control to ensure high standards are maintained;
  • Security – we take client confidentiality very seriously and are fully versed in handling data, using data and email encryption software at all times;
  • Systems and technology – working with our Microsoft Gold certified IT partner, we have a cloud-based solution in place to ensure data is backed up at all times. Using Microsoft Office Exchange, the EMMA team work securely and collaboratively.

Meet The EMMA Management Team

Mark Lomax

A doctor by profession, Mark set up and subsequently sold a successful healthcare company in his 30s. He is now an entrepreneur who, having used EMMA’s services, was so impressed he decided to invest in the company. Mark is a key part of the team and is very hands-on in helping to grow the business.

Sharon Preston

Sharon is a successful EA and experienced businesswoman. Sharon’s experience as a freelance EA led her to believe that there were more EAs and clients who would benefit from a virtual EA offering a broad range of services. She set up EMMA to redefine the understanding of what a virtual EA service can offer to fast-growing SMEs.