RDT Invest

Who are RDT Invest?

RDT invest are a privately-owned family office whose aim is to help ambitious small and medium sized developers maximise the development opportunities that present themselves.

Why did they hire EMMA?

As a fast-growing property investment company, RDT realised that they desperately needed support.   The Managing Director was struggling to organise his day with an overflowing inbox and emails that urgently needed his attention.  The pressure was becoming overwhelming trying to balance the demands of the office, with trying to coordinate his daily travel requirements in and around London and the South East and respond to property investment opportunities all at the same time.

What did EMMA do and how did matter to RDT?

Our initial objective was to undertake a fact-finding meeting with the Manging Director.  This purpose was to understand where EMMA could help relieve some of the pressure points, identify areas where we could do the tasks that he didn’t have time to do, the tasks that was necessary to do for the business but were to a great extent an inefficient use of his time.  

The immediate priority was to take control of his day to day travel, resourcefully planning travel requirements to ensure that his time was fully utilised, optimising a well-managed diary.  As the business progressed, we also provided support with property searches, managing business contacts using Pipedrive CRM, supporting planning application documentation, helping to prepare presentations to potential investment companies and setting up meetings, conferences and events.

EMMA very quickly became an integral part of the RDT team, working face to face and virtually.  Continuously adding value by providing solutions to their daily challenges, always looking for ways to support business growth, productivity and to ensure as a small team, with our support, they could enjoy the benefits of a healthier work-life balance.

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