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As an entrepreneur, there’s more to running a company than being a thought leader with big ideas. On the EMMA blog, we take a look at the admin, organisation, and HR that makes a company tick, and show you how entrepreneurs can make ‘business as usual’ seem effortless: from planning your first event, to boosting team morale, we’ve provided our top tips to ensure you, your company, and your team remain as productive as possible.

Less mess, less stress: 10 desk organisation tips for CEOs

If you’re here because your workspace clutter is getting out of hand, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our tips to clear the decks and boost your productivity, time management, and concentration.

Key techniques to overcome low workplace productivity

Ever feel like your team is always busy – yet keep missing deadlines? If so, your team aren’t alone.

Email management techniques to achieve inbox zero in Outlook

Inbox Zero was designed by Merlin Mann at Google to help professionals deal with a high volume of emails in a short period of time – thus reducing the demands on their time and attention.

Email management 2019: how to achieve inbox-zero in Gmail

If you’re looking to streamline your workflows and become more productive, your email inbox – and achieving Inbox Zero – is a natural place to start.

Diary management basics: easy tips for busy entrepreneurs

A well-managed diary is much more than a glorified to-do list. Rather than hold you hostage to a list of tasks, it should work for you, optimising your day to ensure you’re getting the absolute most out of yourself.

10 productivity tools to increase employee motivation

Getting the most out of your employees is a core priority for any business leader, but too often these leaders forget their business is full of people, whose skills and motivations can’t be ‘hacked’ into a better bottom line.

Work-life balance: 7 strategies to swap stress for success

When owning and running a company, being your own boss is the biggest benefit. Even when we love what we do however, most of us still find switching off from work when we’re supposed to difficult.

Is your workplace stressed? How to spot the signs

According to a study by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) last year, stress is one of the main causes of workplace absence – which totals 44% of all sick days, and costs UK companies a staggering £5 billion per year.

Company wellbeing: 6 solutions to stamp out workplace stress

In the UK, ‘powering through’ is a reality of our working culture, but can often lead to exhaustion, stress, or worse: burn out. So it’s no surprise that the negative effects of stress have recently become a talking point among companies and business owners.

6 team building activities to boost employee morale

Here are some of our favourite budget-friendly ideas to get your team socialising, build their confidence in the workplace, and boost their overall morale and productivity.