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Launching a product? 5 ways to win new customers

A new product launch is exciting for any business. Whether it’s a first for your company, or you’re adding to an existing line, the buzz of possible success is often impossible for you and your team to ignore.

Before revealing your product to the public, it can be a stressful time too. You might have a great product on your hands, but with fierce competition in the marketplace and products launched so frequently: sitting back and waiting for people to discover it isn’t an option.

That’s why in this article, we’ll look at marketing strategies that win new customers for your product. From influencer marketing, to optimising your social media platforms, we’ll give you ideas to prepare for your product launch so your target customers know about your product – and can’t wait to buy it.


Raising money for your business is never easy, but crowdfunding might be an interesting alternative. Not only does your business gain funds, it also wins a lot of publicity among an interested and invested audience who want your product to succeed.

When thinking about crowdfunding on platforms like Crowdcube and Seedrs there aren’t the same obstacles as applying for a traditional loan. Just ensure you have a well written, seamlessly crafted, and SEO optimised pitch before you open your business up for funding, so you stand out: or your crowdfunding pitch will probably fall flat.

Influencers and influencer marketing

No matter if it’s ten thousand or a million followers, great influencers have a huge reach and a loyal following. If you can get them excited about your product before its launch, you’ll have their followers on your waiting list come launch day.

Your influencers can’t just be anyone, though. Choosing quality, relevant influencers is key. Here are our tips:

Check their followers are real

Look at their engagement: is it very low compared to their number of followers (around 1% for example)? This might mean they’ve bought followers, or their followers aren’t very interested in their posts.

Do they have the same target audience?

Launching a product involves a lot of target audience analysis. It would be a shame to let that go to waste by choosing an influencer with the same values as yours, but with the wrong audience. A quick way to check this is by looking at their social media pages. Who’s commenting? What kind of language, tone, and emojis are they using? This is an easy way to gauge an influencer follower’s age, values, and interests.

Are they an expert?

Find influencer partners that are experts in their field. If you’re launching a line of edible food packaging, for example, you wouldn’t send it to a beauty influencer. Quality influencers will promote products their audience will be interested in, and give great testimonials that others will believe.

Hold on to those testimonials

Testimonials, whether from experts, influencers, or new customers, are invaluable to your business. They give credibility to your product’s claims, and confirm everything your company is promising. Plus, sometimes, ‘real’ customer reviews can be more convincing than a celebrity or influencer endorsement, as they’ve bought the product themselves.

Don’t neglect your socials

With social media, it’s not just about uploading a post then moving on to the next. The clue is the name: social. That means getting involved in the comments leading up to and following your product launch.

If people are asking questions about the product: Answer them. When someone brings up a concern, ease their worries. If someone is excited about its upcoming release, even a simple raised hands emoji in response will show you care about their thoughts and want them to get involved.

Write a range of press releases

In the lead up to the launch, your media communications need to be primed and ready beforehand. Be prepared with press releases on a range of different angles for your product launch: before, during, and after its release.

Have a media list of relevant publications to pitch your product to ready, with the relevant journalist’s email address too. This means your company can keep riding the initial buzz of your launch, and keep newspapers, magazines, and relevant websites talking about you well after your product enters the market.

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