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Get your Finances in Order!

For a lot of busy professionals and entrepreneurs, the end of March signifies the end of their financial year – time to produce and submit those end of year accounts and roll out the next financial year’s budgets. 

However, have you had enough time this year to get your finances in order and ready for production of end of year accounts?  Does it get to the beginning of March and you find yourself still wading through a pile of invoices and expense receipts? 

Quite often financial administration, such as manual invoicing, is so time consuming that you simply never get around to focusing on your core business and finance activities such as producing monthly accounts and reporting.  Plus, late submission of end of year accounts to Companies House can lead to a hefty fine.  Not what you need when you are trying to grow in business. 

Particularly for growing businesses, as your sales increase, so too does your financial admin.  If finance is not your background, you could end up spending too much time on the non-income generating aspects of business.

That’s where EMMA comes in.  Our experienced multi-skilled assistants are available to support you with your financial admin – invoice processing, order processing, expenses, receipts, and data entry.  EMMA assistants allow you to focus on the core elements of business so that when your next end of financial year is approaching, you are fully prepared. 

To talk through your requirements, get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you.  What have you got to lose apart from admin?!