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How to Plan a Successful Travel Itinerary

So often, complex itineraries can cause chaos, particularly when it comes to travel.  Why is this?  Well, you know what they say, “it’s all in the preparation!”  If the preparation is not right, things can so easily go wrong.  I’m sure we have all, at one time or another, heard of a traveller who, while abroad and in a different time zone to the office, has encountered problems which left them feeling confused and frustrated.  This can, however, be easily overcome by good planning. 

So, let’s think: who should be making and checking travel arrangements?  Not the person who is travelling that’s for sure!  CEOs, Directors, and Sales Managers are often frequent travellers, by the nature of their role.  However, they certainly do not have time to book flights and hotels.  So, quite often this job may be passed to their assistant.  However, not every busy professional or CEO has the luxury of an assistant. 

And this is where EMMA can help you.  We have a team of highly experienced virtual Executive Assistants who thoroughly enjoy organising complex itineraries, both home and abroad, whether for single business professionals or for teams of people.  And because we do this work so frequently for our clients, we’re experts at it and relish the challenge that such work often brings. 

From receiving the initial instruction that a trip is required, EMMA’s Assistants will organise everything for you – travel, transfers, accommodation, meetings and much more.  We have the skills to manage complex diaries, and understand the requirements that long distance, frequent travel can bring.    

We can also guide you through any relevant visa application processes to ensure that all relevant authorizations are gained before spending money on flights.  We will then check (and double check) that you are travelling from your preferred airport, on your preferred airline, and that any dietary requirements are catered for. 

Managing budgets is also a very important part of itinerary planning which can be overlooked – it shouldn’t be!  Again, EMMA’s Assistants will keep in mind early in their planning the need to adhere to budgets – frequent long-distance travel is expensive.  Often, the earlier flights and hotels are booked, then, generally, the more cost-effective the trip can be. 

The most important item, after all the above has been actioned for you, is to have a travel folder.  EMMA will prepare this for you!  It means you will have, at your fingertips, items such as:

  • a travel itinerary (which we can send to colleagues in your office and loved ones, so they can track you also!).  This will include details of all travel bookings as well as diary appointments that have been made for you
  • envelopes for receipts (expense reconciliation on your return is another skill EMMA offers to our clients!)
  • travel documents
  • business cards (it’s no good getting to great conference having forgotten your best sales aid and with EMMA’s graphic design skills, we can create these for you also)
  • maps (if needed) of the locality for the trip
  • your conference entrance ticket
  • hotel and car hire confirmations
  • insurance confirmation (where applicable) 

Here at EMMA, we believe a prepared traveller is a happy traveller.  That means a well-planned travel itinerary is invaluable. EMMA assistants can help ensure your business trips are well organised and run smoothly.  All you need to do is remember your passport!

Do you have a trip in mind? Get in touch with us today to see how we could help you.