Did you know that according to a study by CareerCast and CVent, event coordinators undertake the 5th most stressful job, having been pipped to the top spot by soldiers, firefighters, police officers and pilots?! What impressive company we event coordinators keep!  So, if you have an event which needs organising, no matter how big or small, let EMMA manage your event so that you can avoid the stress and pressure which high visibility, high pressure events can bring. 

Effective event management is crucial to the success and smooth running of any event – a large corporate conference, a team dinner, an awards evening or a private party etc.  It takes a huge amount of effort, attention to detail, planning and responsibility to flawlessly deliver a large, expensive event from start to finish. 

Event management requires a multitude of skills and it is not easy to find one person who holds all these skills, and hence, able to deliver a successful event.  An event coordinator needs to be organised, obsessed with details, be a great communicator and negotiator, be trustworthy and above all else, responsible.  Here at EMMA we have a team of experienced assistants at your disposal who have these skills. 

EMMA offers full event management services from planning to post event evaluation including:

  • Project planning
  • Financial planning
  • Venue searching and booking
  • Logistics management
  • Programme planning
  • Business development
  • Event promotion
  • Social media
  • Surveys and post event evaluation and reporting

We are highly experienced and professional when it comes to events.  We become part of your team and understand instinctively what is required to execute a successful event. 

Plus, we are experienced in delivering different types of events across multiple industries. 

Take a look at our testimonials to find out how pleased our clients have been with their events. 

Our Services

Executive Assistants

EMMA can provide the right level of EA support for your business, whether that is full-time or just on a part-time basis.

Personal Assistants

EMMA offers full Personal Assistant support services to entrepreneurs, CEOs and busy professionals.

General Admin

EMMA can help you focus your time on what is important – your core business.

HR Admin

We can offer a range of HR administration services, suitable for your needs as and when you need them.


Let EMMA manage your event so that you can avoid the stress and pressure which high visibility, high pressure events can bring.